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The foil highlighting technique is a popular choice when it comes to hair colouring and is probably the most used method in salons today. Gone are the days when you were limited to capped highlights and one shade of blonde. The foil technique gives you the freedom to be creative and have some fun with hair colour.

Nowadays there is a range off different highlighting methods with each of them producing a different finished result.

Read on to discover the different highlighting methods, how they're achieved and what the finished result will look like.  It's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different highlighting methods so you can communicate better with your colorists and produce a great finished result. Also there are plenty off photos to give you inspiration for your next colour.

Weaved Foils

Foiled weaved highlights is probably the most popular choice of hair highlighting and is used on a daily basis in salons across the world. 

Foiled weaved highlights are great for -

  • Being Creative - Having foiled weaves means you and your colourist have a lot more freedom when colouring your hair. 
  • Different Shades - They give you the option of having a few different colours going through the hair to give a more natural finish. 
  • Nervous People - If you're new to hair colouring and a little nervous, foiled weaves gives you the option of having a few weaves lightly scattered through to give a subtle change.
  • Drastic Change - On the other hand they can offer a complete colour change. Many women opt for a full head of foiled weaved highlights to transform their locks.
  • Natural Or Statement Result - Depending what you prefer, fine weaves will result in a natural finish and thicker weaves will result in a streaked result.
  • Less Re-Growth Line - Due to the different shades going through the hair the re-growth line is less prominent which means you can leave it a little longer between touch-ups.

Personally foiled weaved highlights are my personal choice when it comes to dyeing my own hair. My natural hair colour is brown but I do like to be blonde but at the same time I want to keep it looking natural, so i opt for 3 blonde weaves to 1 dark weave. The dark weave will help break up the root when it starts growing out so it won't be a obvious dark streak and my eyebrows are dark so it looks more natural on me.

One of the reasons foiled weaved highlights are a popular choice is the freedom with colours. When most people think of highlights they instantly think of bright blonde but highlights can come in array of colours such as honey, golds, light reds, sandy blondes, basically any colour that will lift your natural colour.

Highlights are a great little pick-me-up, they'll brighten your style and give your tresses a up to date feel.

Foiled weaved highlights should always been done by a qualified hairstylist as they require precision and accuracy. I've seen many clients trying to save money by doing weaves themselves and end up paying more to get their hair corrected. It's not worth the hassle. Treat yourself at the hair salon and relax knowing you're in good hands.

Points To Consider Before Opting For Weaves

As with all hair colouring there is some maintenance involved to keep them looking fresh and fabulous.

  • Price - Foiled weaved highlights can be pricy. While most salon have a flat rate for full heads etc other charge per foil so it's a good idea to book a consultation with your colourist to discuss your options.
  • Price - Highlights will need to be re-touched every 8-10 weeks so take this in to consideration before opting for them.
  • Time - Depending on the hair length foiled weaved highlights can be quite time consuming and can take up to three hours to achieve. 
  • Maintenance - To keep your highlights looking fresh, invest in shampoos and conditioners that are designed for highlighted hair.  
  • Maintenance - Unfortunately highlights can dry out your hair. So you'll need to give your locks a little extra care by using moisturising shampoos and conditioners and a once a week hair mask to keep your tresses in tip top condition.

The Method

The Foiled Weaved Method-

Using a tail comb, pieces of hair are weaved out, then a piece of hairdressing foil is placed under the hair and the colour is applied using a brush. The foil is folded to allow the colour to process and to protect the rest of the hair. The strands of hair in the foil will be coloured, while the rest of the hair will remain it's natural colour. 

The finer the strands of hair the more natural the finished colour will be. If you want a streak look ask for thick weaves.

Application And Development Time

Full Head Weaves - 1-2 hours to apply and 45 minutes to develop.

Half Head Weaves - 1 hour to apply and 45 minutes to develop.

Quater Head Weaves - 30 minutes to 45 minutes to apply and 45 minutes to develop.

This is just a guide as times will variety according to hair thickness, length etc

A lot of salons will offer different amounts of foils e.g-  

Full head weaves is the entire hair weaved, like the image below.

Half head weaves includes the parting section of your hair and down each side of your hairline.

Quater head weaves is just the parting section of your hair. 

Weaved Foils Highlights Gallery

Hair Slices/Panelling/Flashes 

If your a little more adventures with your locks then slices maybe for you. 

Slices are randomly placed blocks of colour, which are visible with movement. Hair slices are a creative colouring method with a more bolder statement look than weaved highlights.

They're great if you don't want the hassle of having your roots touched-up every few weeks because they're placed underneath the parting so you can't see the root when it starts to grow out.

Slices give you the freedom to have a few colours put through your hair and ideal for fashion colours such as pink, blue, purple etc.

Hair slices don't have any structure to them as weaved foils, they can be placed virtually anywhere. So have fun and be creative.

Slices Method

Using a tail comb, sections of hair are sliced, then a piece of hairdressing foil is placed under and the colour is applied. The foils are folded to help the colour develop while protecting the rest of the hair.

Application And Development Time - 

Times variety depending on how many slices you have and what colour your going for. Discuss it with your colourist, who'll give you a better idea of how long it'll take.

Slices Gallery

Balayage/Hair Painting

Balayage is a freehand highlighting technique that was created in the 1970s. It's used to create soft multi-dimemsional, sun kissed highlights for a natural finish.

It's a great option for people who are nervous about having their hair coloured or for people who don't want anything too drastic as it's a subtle highlighting technique. Balayage can be applied to any hair length from long tumbling tresses to super short pixie styles.

One of the perks of having balayage highlights is that it's low maintenance compared to foil highlights, as theres no definite re-growth line you can afford to leave it that little bit longer between touch ups or leave it grow out naturally. 

Balayage gives the colourist more freedom to be creative unlike the foil method, which can be precise and uniform.

Also it's a great choice for people who have a few greys coming through because the colourist can cover individual grey strands rather then colouring the whole head. 

Balayage Method- 

Balayage is a free hand highlighting technique where lightening product is applied directly to individual pieces of hair using a small application brush. The colourist will use a sweeping motion to apply the product, hence the name balayage which means "The Sweep" in French. To achieve a natural result, product is lightly applied to start of the highlight and gradually gets heavier towards the ends to give a sun kissed finish. Due to this technique balayage can take more time to apply than basic weaved foils.  

Balayage Gallery

Frosting Cap

The frosting cap method was a popular choice to highlight hair in the 1980s before foils came on the scene in the 1990s. Even though the frosting cap has lost it's popularity, it's still used in salons today, specially with older generations. The frosting cap does have it's limitations such as you can only have one colour highlight, it can be uncomfortable specially on long hair and you haven't got the freedom like the other highlighting methods. While the frosting cap technique is a cheaper and faster option than foils or balayage you don't achieve the same multi-demsional finish. Personally I prefer the foil or balayage techniques.

The Frosting Cap Method-

A rubber cap is placed over the head and using a small hook, pieces of hair are pulled through the small holes. Then the highlighting mixture is brushed on and a plastic cap is placed over the hair to keep the heat in and help develop.  

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